SCADA Training

Do you want to become a WinCC SCADA Expert?

We offer live SCADA training courses featuring WinCC! Our instructor-led classes combine insightful discussions of WinCC SCADA architecture and functionality with hands-on labs which reinforces the skills. We host SCADA training courses in a classroom environment in our Alpharetta GA facility, or onsite at your facility. 

Upcoming Classes:

We also deliver custom classes designed specifically for your needs. We can deliver these classes onsite at the customer or in-house. Give us a call or send an email to get started!

Our Current SCADA Training Courses:

WinCC 7.5 SP2 Integrator’s Course

Our most popular SCADA Training course! This comprehensive workshop covers the basics of WinCC SCADA, from adding drivers and tags to graphics design, alarming, trending, archive management, security and reporting. Course Description 4 days. classes: August 14-17, 2023 register $2,395. Alpharetta, GA. 

Advanced SCADA Training:

WinCC 7.5 SP2 Advanced: Database Integrator’s Course

SQL programming skills empower students to create database-enabled SCADA applications. Students learn basics of database technology: SQL Architecture, ADO, ODBC and others. Our hands-on approach teaches students the foundations of SQL Programming, including data types, simple and compound queries, aggregates, joins and other skills. We discuss database relevant options for WinCC, such as User Archives, Connectivity Pack and WinCC Audit. Course Description 4 days. $2,395

WinCC 7.5 SP2 Advanced: C, VBS and VBA Scripting Course *NEW*

This new workshop covers WinCC’s three programming languages, enabling students to develop powerful WinCC SCADA applications. C and VBS are runtime script engines which students leverage to create animation and dynamics in SCADA applications. VBA is an engineering/configuration tool which automates repetitive configuration tasks. The course discusses various practical examples and exercises which will prepare students to begin using the tools immediately. Course Description 4 days. $2,395

WinCC 7.5 SP2 Advanced: ANSI C Course

This advanced SCADA Training course teaches ANSI C for WinCC users who wish take advantage of this powerful scripting language. The course covers basics such as data types, structures, pointers and control commands, function writing, and advanced concepts such as File I/O, Windows API programming, and creation of C/C++ DLLs.
Course Description 4 days. $2,395

ANSI C Workshop

This 4-day workshop teaches ANSI C programming basic for students wishing to learn C programming for any C compatible system. The course covers C data types, structures, pointers, flow control commands, function writing, as well as advanced concepts such as File I/O, Windows API programming, and creation of C/C++ DLLs. 4 days. $2,395

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