Event Management

iQuest has developed a robust Event Management solution that is used to identify and track attendance at large conferences and training events. Our solution allows us to print attendee badges with a name, barcode, and RFID tag, along with your company logo and graphics. No personal information is actually stored on the badge, so your attendees need not worry about loss of privacy if their badge is lost or stolen.

Using a combination of RFID, Barcode and Database technology, the attendee’s badge is tracked as they move throughout your venue and participate in the event; they are greeted by name and company on the 42” plasma screens of our Greeter stations; class attendance is taken effortlessly as attendees walk into a classroom; vendors scan the badge of interested visitors to keep track of new leads. Attendance, traffic flow, and other data are collected by our system, which can then be accessed over a secure web connection by authorized event mangers and vendors. Attendees can even log on and get a list of vendors they visited at the event.

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