Custom Software Development

iQuest provides custom software development services to complement existing processes, or applications written to your specifications. We encourage you to discuss your programming needs and ideas with us and see how we can help you realize your goals.

Many times, plant floor applications require functionality which isn’t available in off-the-shelf product offerings. This is where custom software development saves the day! The iQuest software team are experts in integrating custom software components in languages such as C#, C, C++, VB.NET and others.

Industrial solutions may require interfaces to plant floor systems such as databases, communication protocols, Electronic Document Management Systems, and more. We successfully deliver custom software applications leveraging interfaces to Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL and other database systems. We also integrate with plant floor data sources such as OPCDA and OPCUA servers.

Updating Legacy Systems

As systems age, they become a burden on plant engineers due to out-of-date technology. It becomes difficult to make changes and improvements to these older systems, and fewer employees are able to support it.

iQuest specializes in replacing legacy systems with up-to-date technology that your engineering team can support and improve as needed. As a bonus, updating these systems often leads to vast improvements in operator efficiency, ease of maintenance and improved reporting.

One recent project involved replacing older barcode scanners with new camera-based systems. The original UI was written in PHP with PASCAL based Windows Services for barcode scanner communication. Due to lack of source code, the application could not be recompiled by the customer and the scanners were becoming obsolete.

iQuest’s solution leverages WinCC 7.5 SP2 SCADA for scanner communication and User Interfaces. A C# .NET application provides identical operator database dashboards embedded within the SCADA UI. Traditional SCADA functionality replaced database services with alarm and message management, making it easier to add process messages to the system.

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