Anh Aman
Manufacturing Engineer

Seriously, I think your support was absolutely essential to the success of our application. As soon as you got involved, you were able to put to bed several of our biggest problems. Afterward, whenever I sent out a question to you, I could always count on a timely response; your knowledge of WinCC helped me reduce hours of works to minutes. Probably the only downside of your performance was you did too good a job of training me — I have developed multiple WinCC applications since then, and did not have to go back to you.


Guy A. Ostrom
Consulting Application Engineer
SIEMENS Energy & Automation

I recently had the pleasure to sit in on a weeklong WinCC 6.2 training class that Bob Meads and iQuest put on for some long standing Siemens customers out here in the Northwest. As a new AE for Siemens I had already attended a WinCC course but was told if Bob was putting it on, it was something I wouldn’t want to miss. It turns out they were right! There was a lot of material to cover, and Bob did it masterfully. I expected a scripted, power point presentation. What I got was a very real world, hands on approach to training.

His method of teaching and humor made for a very informative and fun class to be in; his use of the materials and examples DVD iQuest provided, as well as hands on labs, made for an excellent class. Having been through the class already, I found that his method of teaching made the material covered sink in a lot more; less power points and more hands allowed the class to focus on topics that were most important. It became very obvious early on he knows WinCC extremely well. I came away from the class knowing whole lot more than when I walked in, and that’s what it’s all about… I highly recommend this class or others like it. Bob Meads and iQuest really delivered.


Dave Johnson
Production Engineer
Stollberg, Inc.

When we first started using Siemens WinCC, we had a number of serious problems due to the initial programming. The system was running very slow, and there were often problems with the recipe data being loaded from tables incorrectly. These problems resulted in a considerable amount of material being rejected and there was a lot of frustration and pressure from management to fix the problems.

We called iQuest to look at our system and recommend how to fix the problems we were having. Bob Meads and Pat Meere came up and quickly made a proposal to fix the problems we were having. They also made some other proposals that would help improve the efficiency of our process.

Bob and Pat were able to fairly quickly program all of the improvements we needed, as well as an interface between WinCC and our corporate enterprise system [SAP]. Our system now works much faster and is free of all the recipe errors we had to deal with.

Bob and Pat are both very knowledgeable in WinCC, SQL, and other programming languages, and their contacts in the industry allowed them to quickly find the solutions needed. On top of that, their rates are very affordable for the quality of work they do. I learned a lot about programming myself from watching them work, but still rely on them for their skill, knowledge and experience.


Jeff Varnon
EPA Technologies, LLC

We were looking to standardize a WinCC based Data Acquisition System (DAS) customized to the Incineration market. We had a few DAS systems in place but all were completely different from each other. We were introduced to iQuest by a mutual business associate at the City Of Orlando Water Treatment Facility. iQuest had done extensive work at the water treatment facility and EPA Tech had the privilege to preview the work to determine if iQuest was right for us.

EPA Tech was able to deliver our first standard DAS system to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA., thanks to the fast, complete and dedicated efforts of iQuest. We have since sold five more DAS systems and have recovered our initial engineering costs.

Due to the efforts of Bob Meads and the iQuest team, EPA Tech is now able to offer a low cost DAS system to our market while still maintaining our margins. We look forward to doing more business with IQuest as they have given us incredible confidence that is allowing us to explore different applications and different markets knowing that a solid product can be delivered with their help.


S. Haulsee
Application Engineer

iQuest has been providing us HMI and database services for about 2 years. They have been instrumental in providing customization to a Siemens WinCC application for the purpose of filtering data. They have also provided a number of custom solutions for reporting message event data from the WinCC system. Another existing WinCC project created by another vendor was overhauled by iQuest so it could be more easily maintained by the in-house controls group.

The service and support we have received from iQuest is unparalleled in this industry. No task presented is too big or too small. Along with providing solutions, iQuest is very helpful in explaining the solution and its implementation. Upon completion the customer is provided with the knowledge and tools to further maintain the solution. I would strongly recommend iQuest for design, development and support of all Siemens PLC/HMI applications.